What is EquityBD

Equity and Justice Working Group (EJWG) which is better known now as EquityBD as is an alliance of several NGO and CSOs, in addition to many individual or groups activists in Bangladesh. Its members are having long experiences on policy advocacy and campaign activism down from grass roots to  national and international levels for last three decades in many cases. Its members work on issues relating to trade and economic justice, human rights, democracy, public education, information and communication networking, climate change, disaster risk reduction, local governance, promotion of rural popular culture and such other aspects of social life. Human rights protection and people’s empowerment stand at the center of the activism of its member groups and we use various public awareness and advocacy campaign at all levels to make people proactive in knowing what rights they have in society and what they are missing and how they can protect their rights. This is how we seek to contribute to building an exploitation free society in Bangladesh and at regional and global level.

To set up the body, EJWG activists carried out intensive consultations from August 2007 to December of the same year with like minded individuals and organizations to prepare the ground work for building a proactive nationwide network.

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