Vision, mission & strategy

Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (EquityBD) is a right based NGO/CSO alliance that has been established in August 2007 with a vision of “a world of equity and justice where human rights and democracy is the social culture”. The mission of this alliance is “to promote policy debate and practice changes through campaign and mobilization linking local, national and international level”. The Rationales of establishing this alliance are; a) to strengthen NGO/CSOS position and campaigning against the neo-liberal economic policies, (b) to initiate contemporary need based campaign following a quick process of decision making and (c) to build alternative non partisan CSO movement against the flawed development paradigm

Since the beginning the group has conducted following major campaigns (i) opposing policy support instrument of IMF, (ii) critical review of PRSP and plea for a sovereign planning process, (iii) debt cancellation, (iv) climate impacts and claiming compensation and reparation on the eve of Bali conference, G8 German and  Japan summit, (v) pre and post budget series discourse in view of food sovereignty and climate justice in national level, (vi) aid accountability (vii) protesting G8 and G20 exclusive process for reforming global financial governance and supporting UN process in this regard, (viii) building pro poor opinions for financing for development and participation in UNFFD process in Doha  (ix) claiming rights for climate migrants, (ix) protesting World Bank involvement on MDTF during UK Bangladesh climate conference in 2008, this and some of other campaigns are still going on (x) campaigning for sovereign democratic and responsible financing during Bangladesh Development Forum Meeting in Bangladesh in February 2010, (xi) UK-Bangladesh joint campaign opposing the donor’s condition on MDTF. In all these campaigns seminars, press briefing, signature collection; post card writing and human chain in the street etc. were the major events.

Social Sharing