Why EquityBD is a part of COAST

We have different experiences in having formal registration as an organization or e-network, and moreover one of our prime objectives is to promote a network which is not and should not be solely dependent on foreign funding. We believe it should be sustainable and credible. So, here two issues are dominating our aims and objectives. They are as follows:

(i) it has to be anchored with an organization which is legally registered and has a sustainable income source and also willing to support a network as a part of its organizational vision and mission. COAST is an organization falling in this category.

(ii) its secretariat should be small in size but should be manned with committed and efficient staff members. Our approach is to promote an integrated working staff having required skill and field level experiences with proactive people in strategic position of the organization. Now EquityBD secretariat is having the presence of such persons in strategic management positions having the integration with senior position of COAST management. Such integration has brought us the desired mix of skill and experiences down from the field level up to management.

Please see and down load the COAST policy brief on How and why it has been integrated with EquityBD.

Integration of Rights Based Approach with Micro Finance: a sustainable human development approach of COAST Trust [Bangla ] [English]



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