Bangladesh have to overcome Diplomatic Failure and Corruption in Climate Finance


index_photoSeven civil society groups urge for justice and effectiveness of Green Climate Fund (GCF) after presenting 11-points demand in a press conference in the National Press Club, Dhaka today (15 June 2013) jointly organized by Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA), Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL), Climate Finance Governance Network (CFGN), Coastal Livelihood Ecology and Adaptation Network (CLEAN), Equity and Justice Working Group (EquityBD), Humanitywatch and Network on Climate Change-Bangladesh (NCC-B).

Mostafa Kamal Akand of EquityBD moderated the press conference while Nuzhat Imam of CSRL, Mohua Rouf of CFGN and Sharifuzzaman Sharif of Nagorik Sanghati address their speech. The chief executive of Humanity watch Hasan Mehedi read out the written speech before the press.

The groups inform that, Green Climate fund (GCF) is still ineffective after 3 years of its formation in 2010 and yet to assist the vulnerable countries. Negligence of Annex-1 countries is mainly responsible for this stranding situation as they pledged 30 billion dollar as First Start Finance (FSF) in 2010-12 period but provided only 5.7 million USD. It is agreed that all climate finances will be ‘New and Additional’ but now the Annex-1 countries are trying to add their Official Development Assistances and other bilateral funds in the GCF.
The speakers demanded cancellation of World Bank as Trustee of GCF because it spent more than 24.5% money of GCF just for their office expense while the money was only for the poor and affected people of the vulnerable countries. Besides the Bank is misusing the climate fund for expanding its loan business. Meanwhile World Bank is trying to involve Asian Development Bank (ADB) and African Development Bank (AFDB) with this fund, which is totally illegitimate.

The speakers say in the press conference that, according to all the official reports on Climate Change, including UN one, Bangladesh is one of the worst affected country but they made Bangladesh and alternative member of Zambia in the stiring committee of Green Climate Fund. The speakers mention it is the diplomatic failure of the government of Bangladesh and if Bangladesh fails to establish professionalism, transparency and accountability in international level and to end corruption it will be hard for Bangladesh to take lead in this sector in future. The speakers also urge the GCF to be activated by the upcoming meeting in Korea during 26 – 28 June, 2013.

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