Call to Political parties to keep the coastal area out of strikes


According the meteorological report the cyclone Mahasen is now on its way to hit Bangladesh coastline during 15th May midnight to 16th May early morning. In order to reduce the loss of lives and assets of the coastal people much preparedness is required. Many emergency services and equipments are required to reach in places beforehand as well as coastal people need to transfer their belongings to the safe places before the cyclone hits. But the current trend of the political activities in Bangladesh, especially hartal and strikes, could hinder the mobility in the coastal districts and could cause a great loss of lives.

EquityBD, an alliance of Civil Society Organizations in Bangladesh, addresses this statement jointly with COAST Trust, a non-government organization works in the coastal area, to call the political parties to kindly withdraw their hartal programs during and after the forthcoming disaster.

By this statement, we admit that the political leaders have a great contribution in the development, struggle and history of Bangladesh as they took the lead to progress. That’s why we want, once again, the political activities not to deter the preparedness for the coming cyclone.

EquityBD and COAST Trust state that the people of Bangladesh irrespective of party, class and religion stretched their helping hand to the cyclone affected people every time in the past. But everyone would admit that it is always better to be prepared beforehand than the relief activities after all the deaths and losses. Many NGOs in the coastal area as well as the government of Bangladesh have been mobilizing the preparatory activities according to their resource and ability to face the cyclone Mahasen. This preparation would only be able to contribute as required if the coastal areas are kept out of the political turmoil i.e. hartals during this time.

We, therefore, are obliged to address all the political parties in Bangladesh to respond to humanity by stretching their hands to collectively fight the forthcoming cyclone and pull off all the strike programs, if declared any, during and after the disaster.

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