Capacity of prevention along with cure is also needed to face the impact of climate change


Dhaka, 10 March 2012. Today in workshop speakers opine that, Cure is not the only solution for Bangladesh, we need to build capacity of prevention to face the negative impact of climate change. The workshop titled Sharing understanding and identifying concern: Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) in Sustainable Development” was organized by the Bangladeshi member of the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network. The members are BPDC, COAST Trust, Dhaka Community Hospital and Dwip Unnayan Shongstha. Chairman of PKSF Dr. Quazi Kholiquzzaman was the chief guest, while Rezaul Karim Chawdhury of COAST Trust and Rafiqul Islam of Dwip Unnayan Songstha moderated the program. The workshop was presided by Saidur rahman of BPDC. Dr. Ahasan Uddin of Centre for Global Change and Taposh Ranjan Chakrabarti of Oxfam GB also spoke at the occasion.

Dr. Quazi Kholiquzzaman said, We have to find out the cause of disaster, we have to work to eradicate that causes. All disasters are not climate change impact. In Bangladesh, marginalized people are most affected due to climate change, so we should consider them first in any talk of climate adaptation.

He also said that, time to control the Carbon emission has been almost finished. Keyoto protocol has been failed to reduce Carbon emission, a new protocol is supposed to be signed. But there are huge confusion about the success of that new treaty or agreement. Tendency of divert the responsibilities of rich countries to the poor in the name of Carbon Trading is not ethical.

Siadur Rahman said, Western countries are mainly responsible for the climate change, but we are the most sufferer. Most vulnerable are the poor communities, and they are adaptation themselves.

Dr. Ahsan Uddin and Tapos Chakrabarti presented two presentations in the climate change impact on Bangladesh and the linkage between Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

It is to noted that, the two days workshop is being organized to share macro and micro level experiences on DRR and CCA, about 200 representatives of 150 local organization are participating in the program.

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