Demand for Mitigation and Reparation of Ecological Debt first, not be confused on Adaptation Financing Commitment


Dhaka, 13th November 2010. Today at Dhaka reporters unity in a seminar title “Cancun Conference and Climate Justice” speakers demanded that government delegation for Cancun conference must tell the nation what is their position in Cancun and what is their cost too, they also demanded that government delegation should demand mitigation first, and then reparation of ecological debt. They mentioned that adaptation financing commitment seems simply a carrot, that the delegation should not be confused. Civil society has also demanded international climate tribunal for climate victims and affected countries in view of recently held climate tribunal in the city. The seminar was organized by EquityBD a network of civil society and right based NGOs, they have also mentioned that the country has received single farthing $ 110 millions as committed by UK and other governments. The seminar was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Chief Moderator EquityBD; paper was presented by Sayed Aminul Haque, Secretariat Coordinator EquityBD. Among others main speakers were Ghyas Uddin Ahmed MP, member, parliamentary standing committee on ministry of environment and forest, Dr. Ahsan Uddin Ahmed, Coordinator, Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood; Farooque Ahmed of MFTD; Ziaul Haque Mukta, Campaign Manager, Oxfam GB; Badrul Alam, Bangladesh Krishok Federation; Mrs. Saudia Anwar, Network on Climate Change Bangladesh, Mahbubul Alam of WWB Trust.

In his paper, Sayed Aminul Haque mentioned that, government should give emphasize in home front, especially in respect of climate fund management, which should not be limited only to bureaucratic management at present which is happening now, there must be transparent practice, at least government must declared that in funding projects there must be corruption risk assessment, information disclosure policy, complaint response mechanism and local project committee with CSO participation. Dr. Ahsan Uddin Ahmed mentioned, UK and other developed country government misguiding Bangladesh in disguise of funding commitment to distract attention on demanding mitigation, he mentioned there must be a strong voice for rights of climate migrants.

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury mentioned that there are difference of position between Prime Minister and the government delegation in respect climate migrants issue, while Prime Minister right fully so serious on the issue. He also beware that government and mass people should not fall in the trap of carbon trading, which is a false solution, being promoted for the interest of multinational corporations and developed countries. Ziaul Haque Mukta mentioned that, nation should not expect that government delegation would be judged on how much money they will be bringing; in fact Cancun is not the forum for that, delegation has to show the national courage for demanding mitigation. He also demanded that Bangladesh must demand 2nd and 3rd extension of Kyoto protocol and should be as legal binding to all parties. He mentioned that it is shame for US that as because of lack of legislation in their congress other countries are not able or hesitant to reach a common agreement. Badrul Alam mentioned that, this climate change issue should be an important issue for the political parties, otherwise cheating of developing countries, confusion created out of multi National Corporation will continue in the country. Saudia Anwar, has given detail elaboration of latest UNFCCC draft text, where still lack of specific commitment on adaptation financing and mitigation target.

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