Equitybd family pay homage to language heroes


IndexEquitybd paid homage to the language martyrs who sacrificed their lives in 1952 for realizing the right to speak and right to express. They took the bullets to break the shackles and free the people of Bangladesh to speak in their own language.

Equitybd believes that the spirit behind this sacrifice is for equity and justice.It is for people’s right to express their opinion without any fear, without any obstacle and for right to practice mother’s language at all level of the state. This is what is the key spirit of democracy.

Equitybd always observe the day, the International Mother Language Day, on 21st February. This is a day when the whole nation feel united irrespective of religion, class, occupation, race or any other division. This is a moment when the nation mourn but get the spirit to step ahead. This is the spirit that teaches us to be united and practice democracy.

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