Homestead women activities must be counted in our national economy & GDP


IMG_8906_IndexDhaka, 23 March 2017. A group of 22 Rights Based Civil Society Network has demanded in the inclusion women activities related with homestead performance in our national economy and GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This demand has been made from an event of human chain titled “Count Women Activities in National Economy” that held at national press club today. They said that the homestead related women activities by women must have contribution to economic development and growth of our GDP. So government should calculate these activities as the research shown these activities are occupy 79% of our GDP.

The human chain was facilitated by COAST Trust, moderated by Mustafa Kamal Akand and the key note has been presented by Ferdous Ara Rumee of the same organization. Among others, Dr. Shamsul Islam and Subal Sarkar of Bangladesh Landless Somiti, Kazi Muniruzzaman of Prochesta Kalayan Somiti, Jayed Iqbal Khan of Krishak Federation, Kader Hazari and Asif Iqbal spoke at the demonstration.

In the written statement Ms. Rumee said that VAT & Tax are meaningless to the poor and low income people. They are happy if the prices of essential goods are in the range of purchasing capacity, but these are not easily affordable for these poor people and price is going up day by day. She also said that women are paid low salary in our informal sector and even our economy does not recognize homestead activities performed by women which occupy 79% of GDP (CPD research 2014). These have been resulted in discriminatory situation for women that should be minimized.

Mr. Jayed Iqbal Khan said that current government’s gender budgeting is questionable because the implementation does not take place appropriately and sometimes isn’t utilized due to reluctance of govt. officials. That’s why women are deprived of the benefit of these projects. Mr. Asif Iqbal said due to insufficient experience on SME operation, women also face problems in accessing financial services.

Mostafa Kamal Akand demanded the recognition of the women activities by government and assessment of their monetary value in our economy. So that male domination can be mitigated and women rights along with their dignity are established in the family, society and even the society. Last edit 2 April, 2017
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