No to the technical assistance of WB in climate fund


Dhaka, 30th May 2010. Today in a rally and human chain, civil society and non government organizations condemned EUs sponsored on going Asia Conference on Global Climate Change Alliance as a mere talk show, they also criticized EU and UK pressure on government to accept World Bank technical assistance in the climate change fund. The rally was participated by twelve organization led by EquityBD while they placed twelve demands which include compensation of carbon debt from developed countries, participation of civil society and climate victims in climate fund management, creation of separate and independent foundation for climate fund management, immediate construction of embankment in Satkhira and other coastal area and declaration of 30 million Bangladeshi climate migrants as universal natural person and accept their access in developed countries.

The rally was moderated by Mostafa Kamal Akanda of EquityBD. Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Convener of EquityBD in his speech mentioned that in the name of technical assistance in fact World Bank will manage the climate fund, Bangladesh has the example of managing foreign fund successfully especially in PKSF and IDCOL. Thus the involvement of the Bank, even as the provider of technical assistance is suicidal. Bank will use the fund to screw the country for the interest of multi national companies and for blanket privatization and liberalization especially in respect of essential services. Atikul Islam Chowdhury of EquityBD criticized the role of some so called climate experts terming them as ‘the donor darling consultants’, as they are being paid by donor agencies, they do not have moral ground to work with government. Tusar Rahman of Citizen Rights Movement mentioned that most of the World Bank projects in our country are failed project, basically which are benefited so called consultants and elite class, he condemn donors and government attitude of having such a lavish conferences, while almost everyday sufferings of cyclone AILA victims are being reported in media. Mohiuddin Ahmed Munir of La Via Campesina Bangladesh, mentioned that World Bank and other international financial institutions and developed countries are responsible for damages in agriculture sector in the third world countries, he condemn recently held USAID conference on agriculture forum and their advice to commercialize the sector. Ziad Iqbal Khan of Bangladesh Krishok Federation urged as a political government it should not accept this supply driven technical assistance, it must be demand driven, and Bangladesh must have sovereign control over fund.

In conclusion Mustafa Kamal Akanda mentioned that, sufferings of AILA victims and other coastal people is simply out of arrogance and ignorance of donor’s countries, whose pressure and delay techniques are also responsible for this. He also urged government to come out of donor dependency illusions and to prepare plan with own resources.

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