Rapid Assessment of Paris Draft Agreement by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Chief Moderator, EquityBD


DSCF4427From Paris, 12th December 2015. I feel and I will urge Bangladesh delegation should not sign the agreement, it is against our Honorable Prime Minister position who always demand compensation from developed countries. It is shameful for our nation.

In view of latest draft agreement released around 1430 hours of 12th Dec. here in Paris, most likely which going to signed in later period of the day. There are more damages for country like Bangladesh and other MVCs, eg, decision 52 (page 8) said countries will never be allowed demand compensation and liabilities. In decision 50 (page 7) a committee will recommend on displacements to avert, minimize and address the issue, but it is a deviation from Cancun 14 f, where the term “reallocation” and “migrants”have had used, it is another one lost and damages for Bangladesh. Even though the decision has not came in article 8 of draft agreement on this displacement issue. In respect of finance under article 9 clause 4, it is to maintain balance between mitigation and adaptation. But Bangladesh and MVCs claim was 50:50 it has not came out. In respect Financing the term ” new and additional” has completely wiped out, it is neither in decision 54 (page 8) and not in finance related agreement clause 9.
I have only read and developed comments on loss and damage and finance section as it is most important for country like Bangladesh and other MVCs.
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