Right Based CSOs for Effective Sexual and Reproductive Education and Health Services in School for Adolescents


index_4564Dhaka, 15th October 2016: Today on the occasion of International Rural Women Day (IRWD) the National Committee on the Observation of the International Rural Women Day organized a human chain and rally in front of the National Press Club. From the human chain organizers demanded inclusion of effective education on sexual and reproductive health in school curriculum especially for the adolescent girls. They also proposed to ensure proper health care for the adolescents.  According to the organizers the committee and their members in 64 districts are observing the World Rural Women’s Day this year today through organizing rallies, seminars,  to honor to the especial rural women for their extraordinary contribution for public, drama to raise the awareness on the aforesaid issue.

The press human chain titled ‘Sexual and Reproductive health rights of the adolescents: Our Commitment ’ was moderated by national committee secretariat coordinator Mustafa Kamal Akanda.  Secretariat Coordinator Ferdous Ara Rumee presented statement on behalf of the organizers.  National Committee Chairperson Shamima Akhter, Aminur Rasul Babul of Unnayan Dhara Trust, Sanat Kumar Bhowmik and Shawkat Ali Tutul of COAST Trust also spoke at the occasion.

Ferdous Ara Rumee said, according to the World Health Organization, people of the age between 10-19 are considered as adolescents. About one fourth of total population of Bangladesh is adolescents.  Our future is dependent upon their effective education, life skills and health. During their puberty adolescents observe some physical changes. In our school books there are some lessons on puberty, but these are not enough and the enabled environment to educate adolescent girls on this issue is still to be proper enough.

Sanat Kumar Bhowmik said, getting proper sexual and reproductive health services is a right of adolescents. Unfortunately due to lack of awareness, shyness and lack of proper openness adolescent feel it quite hard to discuss and to get proper time during the puberty.  We have very inadequate facilities to ensure this health services during critical time to our adolescent girls.

Aminur Rasul Babul Said, the International Rural Women day has been observed in different countries since 1998. It is a very significant day for us to raise awareness on various challenges of our rural women. This year, Sexual and reproductive health for adolescents has been taken as the theme. It is very much important for us, since if we can ensure proper sexual and reproductive health care for our adolescent girls, it can ensure a proper nation for us.

Shamima Akhter said, maintaining secrecy regarding sexual and reproductive health has become our culture. Many people think that, adolescents should not get so much information about sexual and reproductive health and this is not a issue openly discuss with them. That is why most of the adolescent girls feel uncomfortable to seek health care even when it is very urgent.

Shawkat Ali Tutul said, our schools can play very important role in this regard by introducing education on this issue. If girls can get proper sexual and reproductive health care in schools and workplace it will help them to protect them from various sexual diseases and complexities. last edit 2 April, 2017

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