Right groups urged PM to reorganize her international negotiation strategies focusing the climate migrants


indexToday 8th September 2016, nine right based civil society networking organizations coordinated by EquityBD has organized a press conference at national press club and urged to honorable PM (Prime Minister) for reorganizing her international negotiation strategies focusing the climate induce migrant issue. The speakers have criticized the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoE&F) for its depressive role in Paris agreement, that’s why the issue of climate migrant did not get proper treatment and lost the momentum. Following the situation, they also urged our PM to be vocal on climate migrant issues in upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on “Refugees and Migrants” that will be held on 19 September 2016. They said, as our PM will take part at this meeting, so that she will request the global leaders for new compact for migrants which could be legal policy regimes and frame works and reorganizations of present form UN bodies, especially to look after the issues of climate inducement displacement and migrants or immigrants’ rights in countries.
The press conference is moderated by Mostafa Kamal Akand-Networking Coordinator of EquityBD and key demand is read out by Syed Aminul Hoque of same organization. Among the others, Mr. Kamrul Islam Chowdhury (General Secretary of National Press Club and President of Forum of Environment Journalist, Bangladesh-FEJB), Md Masum of CDP (Coastal Development Partnership), Md. Kawser Rhaman (Bangladesh Climate Change Journalist Forum-BCJF), Mr. Aminur Rasul Babul (Unnayan Dhara Trust) and Mr. Waliur Rahaman from WARBE Development Foundation has spoke there in favor of the demands.
In the presentation of key demand, Syed Aminul Hoque said that the climate induced displacement and migrant issue is common and national problem. That’s why it must have to be focused nationally rather than a ministry-specific responsibility. So that government has needed to rethink and reorganize her planning structure that will integrate all ministries to a common focus on climate induced displacement and their management. Aminul Hoque also proposed to form a “National Climate Commission” as a supra national bodies on top of ministries and giving responsibility to the commission for integration of climate adaptation in budget and national planning and also led the climate negotiation in the international level.
Mr. Kamrul Islam Chowdhury of FEJB said that climate change now affecting adversely in our agriculture, food security and damaging our ecosystem. That’s why the affected people will be forced to move another one place. Country has no capacity to take this load like other developing and developed countries. So our government should highlight this concern and put forward the demand accordingly to developed countries for effective support. He also proposed to conduct long term research to assess and trend on climate migration, by which government could take strong position in international forums.
Mr. Kawser Rahaman of BCJF said that what we have lost in last Paris agreement would be possible to recover if our PM take strong role in upcoming UN summit. He also said that proposed “Climate Commission” might be an effective tool for our PM to integration climate issues among the ministries and development planning for sustainable development.
Md Masum of CDP mentioned that, the different ministries have capacity but our government is not able to integrate these capacities for development. Government committed to develop an IDP (Internal Displacement policy) which is an essential instrument for displacement management in country and also a tool for showing our situation and adopting capacity globally but not yet in light. He urged government to do this IDP as soon as possible.
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