Stop ADB’s aggression on poor people and their livelihood in South Asian countries


index_photoToday 3rd May 2013, in India, NGO Forum on ADB (Bangladesh Chapter, a CSO network on campaign & advocacy) and with his other international allies have conduct a mass rally protesting ADB aggression on the poor people and their livelihood in name so called development in South Asia and demand to stop ADB activities just now.

The participants from the rally has also condemned the ADB for intend of grabbing the natural resources especially water, forest, coal in South Asia. The ADB is now being a cause of eviction of poor farmers from their land and intensification of poverty. Thus ADB is doing anti-poor role and favoring the MNCs which is unacceptable.

The rally has conducted during the ADB AGM that taking place in Delhi (2-5 May 2013) where the mass protest has demonstrated and demanded to stop undue intervention and also quit ADB from South Asia. The rally is participated by the Indian CSO network like Peoples Forum of India, All India Forest Movement, JSAPMDD-Philippine and also participated by thousand of other local activist from different part of India.

Lidy Nacpil from JSAPMDD has said that the ADB is using public money in leveraging the private sector in South Asian countries which is unethical and now coming with the new climate finance support so called as intending the business. Mostly this business must grab the natural resource which would be the water in South Asian countries is main target. So we have aware on this ADB bad intension and protest locally, nationally and internationally.

Willy D Costa from People Forum India has treated ADB as a great hypocrite and promoting corruption among the government bodies to achieve his hidden target. So getting out ADB from Asia is only solution.

Aminul Hoque from EquityBD Bangladesh has said the ADB has taken immunity as because of his wrong policy and anti poor role in the countries and damaging the environment and natural system. So we have to raise voice against ADB’s so called immunity and for its cancellation across the south Asia.

Among the other participants, activist from Nepal, president of Indian Hawker federation and activist and CSO representatives from different part of India has spoke in the demonstration.

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