Bangladesh CSOs (present in Lima, Peru), “Call for Urgent Decisions and Clear Road map of Actions from Lima, CoP 20”.


Index39Lima, 11th December 2014. Today in a press conference held at the media centre of UNFCCC (United Nation Framework Convention for Climate Change) CoP (conference of Parties) 20 in Lima, civil societies from Bangladesh as the representative of MVC (Most Vulnerable Countries) and LDCs (Least Developed Countries) have criticize the present ongoing impasses of climate negotiation process of CoP and thereby “called for taking urgent decisions and clear roadmap of actions from Lima, CoP 20”. They also demand a “Legally Binding commitment” for both adaptation & mitigation for Paris Agreement (2015), in CoP-21 that will be come into force onwards 2020.

The press conference held during the CoP, titled as ” Comments on Latest On Going CoP 20 Lima Climate Negotiations on the Interest of MVC and LDC People: Civil Society Perspectives” and organized by a coordination body of Bangladeshi climate activists and climate alliance namely AAB, BAPA, BIPNet-CCBD, CDP, CCDF, CPRD, CSRL, BCJF, FEJB, EquityBD, ICCAD and NCCB in CoP 20 at Lima.

The press conference is moderated by Dr. Saleemul Huq from ICCAD, where Key note presented by Mrs. Farah Kabir of AAB and Md. Golam Rabbani from BCAS.

In their key note presentation, the presenters expressed their disappointment and said that that the global leadership collectively failed to live up to their promises towards settling with firm collective actions as agreed earlier. They also said that, a number of Parties have been deliberately wasting time to delay firm actions on major issues to address negative impacts of climate change. There is an absence of urgency in Lima.

Following the situation, they made some demands as major; i. Developed country Parties must reduce their emissions by at least 45% by 2020, and 95% below 1990 levels by 2050. The majority of this action must be undertaken domestically in order to guarantee a low carbon global future, ii. NAP (National Adaptation Plan) process must be facilitated with adequate finance where Local Adaptation Programmes must be supported, iii. The Adaptation goal for 2015 must be an integral part of Lima Outcome/Decisions, iv. The global process must be establishing a registry system on adaptation financing, which will allow MRV Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable), v. Developed countries will declare a clear roadmap of financing to climate action, in particular, for adaptation in developing countries for pre and post 2020 and the final is vi. Developed country parties must provide technology and financial support as well as institutions building at local and national levels for long term sustainable growth and infrastructure resilience without following any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime.

Dr. Saleemul Huk, in his speech said that the global demand is now to focus the science base mitigation measures for developed countries and taking appropriate measure that limit really the temperature rise within 2°C. He also demanded a comprehensive, effective and rightful global deal in 2015, guided by equity and inter-generational equity those are un-compromising in 2015 Agreement and for the global society.

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