Confrontational Politics Paves the Irresponsible Bourgeois


Dhaka 25th April 2013: Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh (EquityBD), an alliance of around 400 right based NGOs, labor and farmers organizations of the country, express grave concern about the Savar building collapse on 24th April tolling death of 190 garments workers and over hundreds of missing. EquityBD term that as a dreadful example of governance with little accountability, which demand immediate attention of politicians irrespective of parties. EquityBD also mention that it is the country’s confrontational politics, in fact, which is paving the growth of some irresponsible Bourgeois. EquityBD again plea to the politicians of the country to shun the confrontational politics and to promote a culture of dialogue to reach a consensus on major issues for the sake of country’s development and common people.

EquityBD says that by taking the opportunity of present politics of annihilation and confrontation especially between major two parties, some of the national bourgeois has been taking opportunity of primitive accumulation with minimum respect to human and labor rights. Exploiting the same opportunity some bureaucrats are getting drowned in the corruption and showing grave negligence in their duties.

In case of Savar, respective government agencies like municipality and RAJUK has shown little responsibility in monitoring of the construction. Such a building collapse is nothing new, rather a repeated case. Government machineries i.e. ruling politicians and bureaucrats have been shown little responsibilities in this regard.

EquityBD also says, such a case in Bangladesh will cause, in turn, a great damage in Garments export and in fact, which will affect the foreign currency income and accordingly this will affect the country’s balance of payment. EquityBD again urge politicians to understand the issue and consider the consequences from the viewpoint of common people’s interest.

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