Photo Exhibition held on ‘Face of Climate Change’


Index_photos_1A photo exhibition on ‘Face of Climate Change’ in Bangladesh is held at the TSC, Dhaka University to observe the World Earth Day today. Photographs on the most exposed communities to the climate effects are displayed to engage the students on the issue.
EquityBD along with BAPA, BIPNetCCBD, CCDF, CFGN, CSRL and NCCB jointly organized the exhibition, which is host by Dhaka University Tourist Society (DUTS). Din M Shibly who is a renowned photographer of Bangladesh traveled all through the climate affected areas for the last 10 years and captured the photographs.
The Director of TSC, Mr. Mohammad AlamgirHossain officially opened the exhibition while the Photographer Mr. Din M Shibly, ZakirHossain Khan, the coordinator of CFGN, Mustafa KamalAkanda of Equitybd, MonsurHallaz of NCCB, Mr. Fayez Ahmed, the President and Mr. Omar FarukRehan, the General Secretary of DUTS were present.
The exhibition started at 11.00 am and run until 5.00 pm. The students irrespective of departments and groups of the university come to see the photos and come across the face of climate change in Bangladesh.
The photos depicted the life and livelihood of the South coastal areas mostly exposed to the climate effects, salinity, seawater intrusion, river erosion, dry and barren areas of North, sudden cyclone in October 2012, climate induced migrants, urban slams, flood in Dhaka etc.

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