No Loan, Compensation from rich countries to the climate affected countries


22 November 2011. Today from a rally held in Dhaka University South Asian civil society leaders demanded compensation for the climate change affected countries from the rich countries that are really responsible for climate changes. They also demanded World Bank to be out of all kind of climate funds. They also urged South Asian leaders to establish a People’s South Asia.

The rally organized by Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development was started from the Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University. Among others the main participants were La Vi Campasina, Bangladesh Krishok Federation, Krishani Sobha, Garments labour Federation, Jatio Sromik Jote from Bangladesh. Pakistan Fisherfolk Federation and Anjuman majharin of Pakistan. Others participants were All Nepalese Peasant Federation (Nepal), South Indian Committee on Farmers (India), Centre for Ecological Studies (Germeny), KMP (Philipine).

Main slogan of the rally was Rich Countries must pay their climate debts. World Bank: Out of Climate fund now.

Later a meeting was held. Badrul Alam of la via campasina informed that, an Asian caravan has been organized with the participation of various organizations from Asian countries demanding climate justice for the Asian countries.

Saeed Baluch of Pakistan Fisherfolk Federation said, Time has come to be united for the people of the South Asia. People of this region have been suffering from climate change effect and the result of capitalism. So, there should be united voice to stand against this system.

Dr. Keshab of All Nepalese Peasant Federation said, people of this region have been bonded historically; it is time to regain that united spirit to realize our demands. We have to stand beside one another to solve our problem.

Jaed Iqbal Khan of Bangladesh Krishok Federation said, World Bank is trying to place loan as the panacea to the climate change affected poor countries, but we do not want loan, we demand compensation, we want to see World Bank out of climate fund.

In the meeting Micheal from England, Turn from Germany, Farzana from Bangladesh, Shova from India, Willi D Cost from India, Mackvia from Srilanka also spoke.

Coordinator of Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development Lidy Napcil was also present at the rally and the meeting.

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