Political will is must for the success of PPP


21 November 2011. Today in a workshop held in Dhaka speakers expressed their concern that, bureaucracy and the lack of confidence are the main challenges for the success of the Public Private Partnership (PPP), according to their observation, to make the idea of PPP successfull political will is must. They were speaking during a workshop titlled “PPP: What Works and What does Not“. The Reality of Aid (RoA) Asia Pacific, The Asia Pacific Reserch Network (APRN), equityBD, Coastal Development Partnership (CPD) and Voice jointly organized the program.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Sohel Iqbal of EquityBd while Jahangir Hossain Masum delivered the welcome note. M Shamim Siddiqui of The Asia Foundation and Erin Polmares of RoA presented two position papers.

In his presentation Shamim Siddiqui stated that, PPP can play a vital role in implementing devlopment projects effectively, but political will is must to make the PPP succesfull. Intention of maximize the utilization of public fund, strong monitoring mechanism are also needed. He mentioned that, good governnecne in PPP has to be ensured and civil society organizations can take some advocacy inititive to ensure that good governnance. He also emphasized on the good governance and corporate social responsibilitiies of private sector.

In her presentation Erin Polmares stated that, PPP is actually a new face of privatization imposed by the international financial institutions to the developing countries. It is a mean to gain profits of the private sector using public money. But according to her, if public participation in planning, implementation and monitoring process can be ensured, PPP can play positive role in development.

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